Meet the owner & makeup artist of monicosmetix

HI! My name is Monica Acala :) Being artistic is deeply rooted within me. Whether it is drawing, graphic design, or singing, I’ve always been an artistic person.  Suprisingly growing up, wearing make up was something I was far from interested in. I'm the baby girl in the family and have two older brothers that pretty much raised me to love video games and sports! And let's face it! Who can run down the basketball court caring about makeup on their face :) Though, as a young adult, I got hold of my first make up kit through an awesome business opportunity and I started to realize the fun in cosmetics!


It actually wasn't until July of 2014, I attended one of my best friend’s wedding where I had my make up professionally done for the first time. Shortly after 2 weeks, I realized there was a HUGE potential with my illustrative talent and becoming a professional make up artist. I started doing some research and really studied the makeup trends in today's fashion and makeup industry. Low and behold! A friend of mine referred me to a renowned makeup artist in Winnipeg - Angie Zachary, the owner of The BeYouTee Factory. And well, what can I say! I've made that quick decision to get myself ceritified with makeup artistry and in the process learned soooo much from Angie and her experienced team. I can now say, I am a proud certified professional Makeup Artist and the CEO of two growing companies and one of them being MoniCosmetix.


Fast forward to the present, I have continuous positive feedback from many of my clients about my work, because of my quality, precision and technique training. I'm also excited to be representing 1 of the Top 5 prestigious skincare and top 10 makeup brands in the world. I hope you enjoy viewing my website and I hope to provide you with my products and services! ^_^ XOXOXO 


-Monica Acala, the Makeup Artist