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"I've gotten my face done by Monica twice and I was shocked at her ability to do make up so naturally! One time was a lesson on the smokey eye and another to get dolled up for my work Christmas party! what I love most about her work is that she doesn't cake it on like most MUA's on the market today! You still look yourself and with the assistance of Monica she'll enhance your beauty to another level!! I was so happy with my overall look for my holiday party, if only I can bring you with me to Toronto for nye!! Thank you Mon and keep doing what you're doing! Xo"

- Anna Antonio, Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist



"Monica is your go to person for any occasion, I go to her usually when I need my face to be on point or even get my eyebrows on fleek. (Cannot do eyebrows if my life depended on it). I love the colors she uses on me especially because all I do is the traditional asian eyeliner, and dont look like a clown after leaving the session. Shes the only makeup person I ever go to and I actually leave feeling good about myself. I highly recommend Monica for anyone that needs their makeup done, good prices, and she makes you feel very comfortable in her chair haha! " - Mary M.




"Still to this day I can't believe that this is me. What a difference makeup can make. also it helps to have the most talented and amazing makeup artist of all time." -Sherri M.

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