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Have your makeup done professionally by me!  Quality cosmetics and skincare are used that will enhance your beauty!


| Makeup Service Rates |


$70- $75 Makeup application per person


$60 - $65 makeup application per person

Weddings or big group events

To qualify for this rate there must be a 4 person minimum quantity


$100 - 105 makeup application per person ** Outside city limits **


$30 - Flower girls (14 years and under)


$70 per hour for private makeup lesson



 $5 applies for false eye lashes (optional)

* $15 additional surcharge per person for on location requests if minimum of 4 is not reached *

No additional surcharge if service is done at my place :)


For WRHA members please contact me for special pricing on makeup application

*WORK ID or PAY STUB MUST be present at the time of makeup application

*standard rates apply unless quoted by third party*

| Basic Hair Styling |

$60 Updo (loose curl, messy bun), half up or down curled (loose/tight)

$5 Sleek straightened

| Brow Henna Application |

Color will stay on up to 1-2 weeks depending on hair/skin. No need to micro-blade!! 

$30 per application

$5 Brow Cleanup (tweezer)

Clients fave! $15 Full Brow shaping (includes clean/trim)


Sugaring is a safe, less painful way of hair removal than waxing.

The sugar is made out of organic ingredients! Sugar, lemon juice and water!

Sugaring promotes thinner hair regrowth and leaves the skin feeling ultra-smooth and soft!



Upper lip                               $7

Upper lip & chin                 $10

Underarms                         $20

½ arms                                  $25

Full arms                              $35

½ legs                                    $40

Full Legs                               $50

Back                                       $35

Bikini                                     $20

Brazilian                               $35

                                Full body                              $240   ($37 in savings)



Underarms                          $30

½ arms                                  $35

Full arms                              $45

½ legs                                    $50

Full legs                                $60

Chest                                    $40

Full Back                              $45


                    SKIN ANALYZING


Analyzing skin is a process using a special black light technology to analyze both men and womens' skin. 

This process provides pin-pointed solutions dependent on the facial needs with scientifically

advanced skincare collections that bring out your most youthful looking, radiant skin. 


$35 On location

$30 My place

*Purchases on products varies depending on assessment of skin.


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