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Anna Antonio

Wardrobe Stylist, AA Stylist

“To Assist professionals of all ages in building a wardrobe fit for their individual lifestyle.”

Anna’s view on the whole fashion industry amazed me from day 1 of working with her.  I have never learnt so much about fashion based on her experience, what to wear, what not to wear, what goes good with what without having to break the bank.  Her love for fashion sense truly amazes me!

Contact info.

Available to connect through Facebook and Instagram

*mua’s Pick* | Photoshoot Model


Marycel Punla

Award Winning Hairstylist, Elan Hair Studio

The work that Marycel delivers to her clients is exceptional!  She’s played a big role in my photoshoot styling my models hair including mine! She just has the natural knack for styling hair as well as color and cutting! Contact info. Contact info. Phone# 204-775-3526

Available to connect through Facebook and Instagram

*mua’s pick* | Photoshoot Model





Leilani Pelagio

Inspired Treats

Len is my go to dessert girl when baking for events! Her products are very clean, and on point from butter cream to cupcakes, fondant and more!! I enjoy her sugar cookies the best and butter cream cakes! You're so amazing at what you do Len!! 

Contact info. Phone# 204-999-1308 | View galley on Instagram under user name: inspiredtreats












Sheena Masesar

Professional Wedding Pianist & Music Teacher

Sheena is considered one of the best pianists in Canada! We’ve sung in choir and weddings together for over 10 years now.  Her ability to play music so smoothy has left multiple audiences in awe. I am just blessed in continuing to work with her.  

Contact info. Phone# 204-880-9767

*mua's pick* | Photoshoot Model


Meagan Gerylo Photography

Working with Meagan during one of my shoots have been incredible.  She such a down to earth person with a natural eye for her work. Contact info. Phone# 204-891-1005 

Available to connect through Facebook and Instagram

*mua’s pick* |Photographer

Vanessa Galera, Hair Stylist

She's been very accountable to my needs when taking part in weddings. Such a talented hair stylist and very good feedback from all my clinets! 

*mua's pick* | Contact info. 204-294-9950

Krypton Enerio Photography

Available on FB

Mark Godilano, Photographer

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